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Processing Kernel for geospatial data
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FANN::training_data Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 training_data (const training_data &data)
void destroy_train ()
bool read_train_from_file (const std::string &filename)
bool save_train (const std::string &filename)
bool save_train_to_fixed (const std::string &filename, unsigned int decimal_point)
void shuffle_train_data ()
void merge_train_data (const training_data &data)
unsigned int length_train_data ()
unsigned int num_input_train_data ()
unsigned int num_output_train_data ()
fann_type ** get_input ()
fann_type ** get_output ()
void set_train_data (unsigned int num_data, unsigned int num_input, fann_type **input, unsigned int num_output, fann_type **output)
void set_train_data (const std::vector< std::vector< fann_type > > &input, const std::vector< std::vector< fann_type > > &output)
void set_train_data (const std::vector< std::vector< std::vector< fann_type > > > &input, unsigned int num_data)
void set_train_data (const std::vector< Vector2d< fann_type > > &input, unsigned int num_data)
void create_train_from_callback (unsigned int num_data, unsigned int num_input, unsigned int num_output, void(FANN_API *user_function)(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, fann_type *, fann_type *))
void scale_input_train_data (fann_type new_min, fann_type new_max)
void scale_output_train_data (fann_type new_min, fann_type new_max)
void scale_train_data (fann_type new_min, fann_type new_max)
void subset_train_data (unsigned int pos, unsigned int length)

Protected Attributes

struct fann_train_data * train_data


class neural_net

Detailed Description

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