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Processing Kernel for geospatial data
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Vector2d< T > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Vector2d (const Vector2d< T > &v1)
 Vector2d (int nrow)
 Vector2d (int nrow, int ncol)
 Vector2d (int nrow, int ncol, const T &value)
 Vector2d (const gsl_matrix *gsl_m)
void resize (int nrow)
void resize (int nrow, int ncol)
int nRows () const
int nCols () const
void selectCol (int col, std::vector< T > &output) const
void selectCol (int col, T *output) const
std::vector< T > selectCol (int col)
void selectCols (const std::list< int > &cols, Vector2d< T > &output) const
void setMask (const Vector2d< T > &mask, T msknodata, T nodata=0)
void transpose (Vector2d< T > &output) const
void selectCols (const std::list< int > &cols)
void sort (Vector2d< T > &output)
void scale (const std::vector< double > &scaleVector, const std::vector< double > &offsetVector, Vector2d< T > &scaledOutput)
void scale (const T lbound, const T ubound, std::vector< double > &scaleVector, std::vector< double > &offsetVector, Vector2d< T > &scaledOutput)
Vector2d< T > operator= (const Vector2d< T > &v1)
Vector2d< T > operator+= (const Vector2d< T > &v1)
Vector2d< T > sum (const Vector2d< T > &v1, const Vector2d< T > &v2) const
mymax (int &x, int &y, double maxValue) const
sum () const


template<class T1 >
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Vector2d< T1 > &v)

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class Vector2d< T >

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