pktools  2.6.7
Processing Kernel for geospatial data

program to create raster image based on ascii file


Usage: pkascii2img -i input.txt -o output

Options: [-ot type] [-of GDALformat] [-co NAME=VALUE]* [-dx value] [-dy value] [-ulx value] [-uly value] [-ct filename] [-a_srs EPSG:number] [-d description]


The utility pkascii2img creates a raster dataset from an ASCII textfile. The textfile is in matrix format (rows and columns). The dimensions in x and y are defined by the number of columns and rows respectively. The georeferencing can be defined by providing the options for cell size (-dx -dy), upper left position (-ulx -uly) and the projection (-a_srs). Some dataset formats can also store a description (-d) and a color table (-ct).



Some examples how to use pkascii2img can be found here