pktools  2.6.7
Processing Kernel for geospatial data
pktools Documentation


pktools is a suite of utilities written in C++ for image processing with a focus on remote sensing applications. It relies on the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL, and OGR.

All utilities in pktools use command line options and have a built in help

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pktools is written by Pieter Kempeneers and released under the GNU General Public License version3

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How to get pktools?


You can download the latest stable release from Savannah

the git repository

Get the latest code in development (bleeding edge) from the Git repository:

1 git clone git://

In a Linux environment, please perform the following actions before following the manual installation procedure

1 cd pktools

Add libtool support to your package:

1 libtoolize

Remake the GNU Build System files by scanning '' and running 'autoconf', 'autoheader', 'aclocal', 'automake' and 'libtoolize':

1 autoreconf

Finalize package generation:

1 automake --add-missing

How to refer

Please refer to pktools as: (Pieter Kempeneers)

Or use the following reference to the book on Open Source Geospatial Tools

contact: kempenep at


Installation for Linux

Installation for Windows


pktools in QGIS via plugin

Bug reports and change requests

Please write a ticket in savannah to report bugs and request changes. You will automatically be informed about the ticket status and this helps me to keep track of the bugs/changes.