pktools  2.6.7
Processing Kernel for geospatial data

program to calculate basic statistics from vector file


Usage: pkstatogr -i input [-n attribute]*

Options: [-ln layer]* [-n attribute]* [srcnodata]* [src_min] [src_max] [-s] [-mm] [-min] [-max] [-mean] [-median] [-stdev] [-hist] [-nbin] [-rel] [-kde]


The utility pkstatogr calculates basic statistics on attributes of a vector file. Examples of the basic statistics include: minimum, maximum, median, mean and standard deviation. Histograms (in percentage or absolute values) can also be calculated. The attribute of interest can be selected using the option -n|–fname. Values defined by the -nodata option, or not withing the limits set by the options -src_min and -src_max are ignored for the statistics.



Some examples how to use pkstatogr can be found here