pktools  2.6.7
Processing Kernel for geospatial data

program to dump image content to ascii or std out


Usage: pkdumpimg -i input.txt [-o output]

Options: [-of matrix | line] [-b band] [-e vector | -ulx value -uly value -lrx value -lry value]

Advanced options: [-dx value -dy value] [-r resampling] -srcnodata value -dstnodata value


The utility pkdumpimg dumps the content of a raster dataset to (standard) output (screen or filename). The default is to dump the output in matrix format. Use -of line to dump each pixel value on a separate line, preceded by its position (x and y value). You can specify a bounding box to dump with either the extent of an OGR vector dataset or via the options -ulx -uly -lrx and -lry.



Some examples how to use pkdumpimg can be found here