pktools  2.6.7
Processing Kernel for geospatial data

program to create vector points or polygons from text file


Usage: pkascii2ogr -i input.txt -o output

Options: [-f OGRformat] [-x col] [-y col] [–line] [-n fieldname -ot type]* [-fs separator]


Poor man's utility to create a vector dataset (points or single polygon) from an ASCII textfile. A better alternative is to use virtual vector datasets. Specify the position of the vertices (x and y) in the columns defined by the options (-x -y), starting from 0. The default is to use the first (-dx 0) and second (-dx 1) columns for x and y respectvely. Specify the names and types of the remaining columns in your input file via the option pairs -n and -ot respectively. The default field separator is space.



Some examples how to use pkascii2ogr can be found here